Why You Should Consider High Bay Doors When Renting a Storage Unit.


The average storage unit in the United States are about 8 feet tall. Far from average, Montgomery Self Storage recognizes the advantages of additional height. While our standard units are 9’-10’ tall, we also offer a few options with “high bay doors” that go up to 14 feet tall at several our locations, such as:                                                              

        • 19678 Hwy 105 West, Montgomery, TX 77356
        • 14545 Hwy 105 West, Unit B, Conroe, TX 77304
        • 1418 FM 2854 Road, Conroe, TX 77304
        • 14132 Schroeder Road, Houston, TX 77070



Perfect for Boats, RV’s and Vehicle Storage

With many of our locations being near Lake Conroe, boat and RV storage with state-of-the-art security is always in demand. We recommend measuring the length and height of the boat (while on the trailer) to ensure that the space you’re looking for is large enough and the doors are high enough. One of our newest properties has the largest variety of boat and RV storage options. Formerly My Storage Locker, our property at 14545 Hwy 105 West, Unit B, Conroe, TX 77304 offers a range of tall, covered parking options as well as large non-climate controlled enclosed units with high bay doors. You can view the options here.

Additionally, most of our locations can accommodate vehicle storage, which appeals to car collectors and enthusiasts or just those who like to keep an automotive project or two going.

Boat Storage near Lake Conroe


Contractors and Businesses Need Extra Height Too

Many contractors work from trailers and often transport their equipment and supplies to their job sites daily. They appreciate the extra height and width that our units offer and like not being limited on what they can load on their trailer or how tall their pickup truck may be. Additionally – unlike some of our competitors – all of our storage units have power and lights.

There are also businesses that rent our larger units for inventory and file storage and like the fact that they can use a larger truck and store taller items or stack their things quite high when needed.

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