What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

It’s the most frequently Googled question about storage. Montgomery Self Storage is here to help answer your questions.

Two ways our website can help

We have a section called “How Much Space” that shows the sizes for a 1-bedroom apartment through a 4+ bedroom home and also for file box storage. Additionally, when you select one of our four convenient locations, the inventory for each location will come up. There will be a small illustration on the left side for each size unit. Click on that illustration and it will enlarge.

An example of what can be stored in a 10′ x 20′ unit.

Helpful descriptions

Thanks to our friends at SpareFoot for sharing these helpful descriptions:

5’ x 5’ UNIT
Size: 25 square feet, equivalent to a large closet
What fits: A dresser, small mattress set and several boxes. Other uses include seasonal decorations, personal items, gardening equipment, camping gear, children’s toys or off-season clothing.

5’ x 10’ UNIT
Size: 50 square feet, equivalent to a walk-in closet.
What fits: Furniture from a one-bedroom apartment or dorm room including a queen-sized mattress set, dresser, TV, bike and several storage boxes.

10’ x 10’ UNIT
Size: 100 square feet, equivalent to half of a standard one-car garage. Think of it as an extra bedroom since most are about 10’ x 12’.
What fits: Items from two bedrooms (mattresses sets, dressers, nightstands) or an entire family room (sofa, chairs, coffee table, book shelves).

10’ x 15’ UNIT
Size: 150 square feet, slightly smaller than the size of a standard one-car garage.
What fits: Items from three bedrooms or other large items like big-screen TVs, couches, pianos, tables or appliances.

10’ x 20’ UNIT
Size: 200 square feet, the size of a standard one-car garage.
What fits: Items from a three- or four-bedroom house or apartment, including couches, mattress sets, a dining room set, workout equipment, a refrigerator and washer and dryer. This size is also ideal for your classic car.

10’ x 30’ UNIT
Size: 300 square feet, or the size of a one-and-a-half-car garage so you can store pretty much anything you need including vehicles or boats. It’s the largest unit at most facilities.
What fits: Items from a fully furnished five-bedroom house including mattress sets, dressers, couches, dining room set, entertainment center, major appliances, seasonal items, outdoor equipment and bikes.

Our professional, full-time, property managers can help

Still not sure which size unit you need? Stop by any of our locations to discuss your specific storage requirements with one of our property managers. They can assist you in determining the size you need. Montgomery Self Storage is locally owned and operated and is a self-storage leader in Northwest Houston, Montgomery and Conroe, Texas.