What Fits in a 5 x 5 Storage Unit?

When you need a little extra space at home or for your business in the Conroe or Montgomery County, Texas area, a 5’ x 5’ storage unit may be the perfect, affordable answer. Understanding how this storage space stacks up against your storage needs is the first step.



Surprising Amount of Space

Think of a 5’ x 5’ unit as an additional walk-in closet. They are 5 feet wide by 5 feet long, equaling approx. 25 sq ft and with most having at least 8’ ceiling height (many are 9-10’), you are looking at least 200 cubic sq ft. Though our 5×5 storage unit is our smallest storage space, you might be surprised to find out what you can fit inside. This size is popular for storing items that you need easy access to, but don’t need every day. Some examples of the types of items to store in a 5’ x 5’ are:

                ●   Seasonal decorations
                ●   Sports equipment like bicycles, skis or kayaks
                ●   Business file boxes
                ●   Twin or a full-size mattress
                ●   Small furniture like chairs, a dresser or end tables
                ●   Camping gear
                ●   Generators and hurricane supplies
                ●   Stacking tubs or boxes
                ●   Baby clothes and accessories
                ●   Seasonal Clothing (Winter / Summer / Formal )



Businesses Best Bet

This size unit is a great option for a business in the Magnolia, Montgomery, Conroe or the Lake Conroe area, looking to expand their storage space without breaking the bank. In addition to being a place for extra inventory, holiday décor or contracting equipment and supplies, a 5’ x 5’ can hold approximately 35-50 file boxes (depending on size) or several tall filing cabinets. When stacking file boxes or tubs, always start with the heaviest items on the bottom progressing to the lightest weight ones on the top of the stack. Also, if you are storing important documents, we recommend a climate-controlled unit.

We understand that business owners need the ability to grow and scale back as business fluctuates. All of our rentals are month-to-month, so if you only need the space for a month or two, it’s not a problem. If you find that you need more storage space in the future, you can easily transition to one of our larger storage units at the same location. Either way, Montgomery Self Storage has you covered.


Serving Montgomery County for over 20 Years.

Whether you want to take back your garage or free up a cluttered guest room or store business records or excess inventory, a 5’ x 5’ might be the affordable answer to your space challenges. We are locally owned and operated and have been the right storage solution in the Conroe and Montgomery County area for over two decades. Let the friendly and knowledgeable property managers at one of our six locations help you select the size that best fits your needs.