Tips for Storing Furniture

Once you’ve made the decision to put furniture in storage, it means that it is valuable to you. Whether you are planning to use it in a larger space in the near future, saving it for your child’s first home or it has sentimental meaning – it’s worth taking these extra steps to make sure it comes out of storage in the same shape it went in.

 Make sure it is as clean as possible.

Before it goes to storage, all furniture covered in a fabric such as couches or sectionals and upholstered chairs, etc. should be cleaned with a fabric or upholstery cleaner and should be completely dry before being stored. Clean and treat leather according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Any metal parts should be polished with a polishing cloth and possibly a metal cleaner in an effort to prevent oxidation and tarnish. Lastly, protect the finish of any wood with Murphy Oil Soap or similar wood cleaning product.


Cover it and give it a raise.

It’s best not to store furniture uncovered. Use old sheets, blankets, drop cloths or an even an old shower curtain to cover the pieces and protect them from dust and moisture. Wrapping furniture in plastic wrap is good for a short-term move, but not recommended for long-term storage because it can actually seal in moisture. Furniture needs to breathe, so loosely draping the material is the best way to go.

Avoid putting furniture pieces directly on the floor. Even in a climate-controlled environment, it is suggested to use blocks of wood, pallets, bricks or cinder blocks to raise the furniture off of the floor. It adds an extra layer of protection against moisture and of course in the event of flooding. Even a layer of cardboard covered by a drop cloth is helpful.


Choose the right size and right type of storage unit.

Furniture needs space, so make sure you don’t try to cram it in to a unit that is too small. That’s the easiest way to break something valuable and certainly not the outcome you are looking for. A climate-controlled unit may be best for long-term furniture storage, especially for wood or upholstered items. If your needs are more short-term, a non climate-controlled unit may work just fine. At Montgomery Self Storage, our knowledgeable, full-time, on-site managers will be happy to help you determine the size and type of storage unit that will best fit your individual needs.