Self Storage – The Best Solution for Christmas Decorations

Every year, most of us buy something new to add to our yard or interior holiday decorations, increasing the amount we have to pack up and store. While these items bring us joy, we only use them for about one month and have no need for them for the rest of the year. Based on this, should they take up valuable much-needed space in our house or garage? Could you use that space for more frequently used items?

It may be time to reclaim your guest room for its intended purpose or park both of your cars in your garage in 2023. Storage units offer a safe, practical, cost-effective, and stress-free solution for those holiday items. Montgomery Self Storage is here to help.

Benefits of Using Self Storage for Your Holiday Décor

For most of us, our holiday decorations aren’t just about the financial investment, they also represent some of our most precious memories. Don’t leave your Grandmother’s antique glass ornaments or your children’s handmade holiday items in the garage or attic for our Texas heat to take its toll on them.

This white Christmas tree is now yellowed and not useable after being stored in a garage and subjected to the heat of the Texas summer.

No one will enjoy dry, brittle, or discolored decorations. A climate-controlled storage unit will protect them for years to come. Additionally, you will have everything in one place rather than some in the guest room closet, others stashed in the garage, and the rest in a dark, dank corner of the attic.

Another benefit is having a place to “hide” Christmas gifts from inquisitive eyes. This also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of some early shopping as you can store gifts there year-round.

Storage Tips for Christmas Decorations

Expert organizers recommend using cord storage reels for your indoor and outdoor holiday lights. They are inexpensive and you won’t ever have to waste time untangling lights again. Flattened inflatables and smaller outdoor decorations belong in their own bins. Use clear bins and label everything. Wreaths can be hung on hangers on a rack or on the wall and covered with large trash bags or dry-cleaning plastic.

Artificial trees should be placed in canvas or heavy-duty plastic storage bags with sturdy handles containing all of the parts in the same bag. It helps to shrink-wrap the tree’s limbs to protect the smaller branches and create more space in the bag. Use divided bins for storing ornaments and consider smaller containers for the more delicate or sentimental ones, wrapped individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap. Smaller ornaments can go in egg cartons. Holiday wrapping paper should go in a lidded storage bin where it can lay flat. These simple steps will protect your items and memories for years to come.


Consider Montgomery Self Storage for Your Holiday Storage

We have been the Conroe area’s storage leader for over 20 years and now with seven locations, we can help you find just the right solution for your needs. We offer small units such as 5x5s, 5x10s, and 10x10s all the way up to 10×20 and larger climate controlled units, and even larger non-climate controlled. Stop by and visit with one of our professional property managers to determine which size is right for you.