Merging Two Households Into One

Spring and early summer are very popular for weddings. Once the festivities are over, the task of combining two households can become overwhelming. Especially when you factor in all of the new wedding gifts. Whether you are young newlyweds or a mature couple taking the plunge, here are some tips that may help with the merging process.


Where to start?

Take good photos and measurements of the space you are moving to, which will help determine what will fit and what will not. The living space you start out with is likely quite a bit smaller than the space you will hopefully have in a few years and everything you want to keep may not fit. Start with each person choosing their very favorite “must have” item that they can’t live without. From there you can begin to build your look. Another easy place to start is by eliminating duplicates for things like kitchen appliances and gadgets as well as electronics, choosing the best quality and style to keep. The most important and possibly challenging step is to respect each other’s preferences.


What to do with what won’t fit?

You’ve purged and compromised, you’ve donated and recycled, but there still are a few items without a home. If Grandma’s gorgeous dining room set that is full of holiday memories won’t fit in your starter apartment but will be perfect when you are ready to buy your first home together, why not rely on self storage?  Put it in a safe, secure, professionally managed storage facility and you can be confident it will be there when you are ready for it. This is just one example, but self- storage may be the easiest and best way to eliminate worry as you begin your new life together.


Celebrate your accomplishment

Once everything that you have both decided to keep has been put away or properly stored, stop and appreciate what you have done. With each decision you made as a couple, you’re learning the fine art of compromise, which will serve your marriage well. If it’s in the budget, think about making one new joint purchase for your home that wouldn’t be “hers” or “his” but instead it would be “ours.” Montgomery Self Storage wishes you the best of luck. We are here if you need us.