How to Select the Right Type of Storage Container

Before you begin packing for storage, put some thought behind whether you should pack your items in cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Believe it not, there is a rhyme and reason and a pro and con for each option.

Cardboard Boxes

PROS:  Cardboard boxes are less expensive than plastic totes. It’s recommended to buy new boxes rather than getting free used ones from your neighborhood grocery store, which likely have been around food. Should you need them, Montgomery Self Storage sells boxes at all of our locations. New boxes are durable yet light, easy to pack, stack and label and most have handles built in them. They can also be broken down for future use or easily recycled.

CONS:  Cardboard boxes can be affected by moisture and the bottom of the boxes should not sit directly on concrete floors. Also, they will require packing tape and good labeling since you cannot see through the box. If you’re keeping things in a climate-controlled unit for a temporary amount of time, then cardboard should be fine. Non-climate controlled storage will do better with plastic.


Plastic Bins and Containers

PROS:  They are safer, they stack well, they have lids and handles and they will last longer and be reusable in the long run. Plastic bins can be stored in a bigger variety of places, as they are not affected by moisture or water if the lids are locked correctly. The type of flooring is not going to be an issue because the bottoms of most plastic storage bins are stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes. Plastic is the best choice for long-term and non-climate controlled storage.

CONS:  Plastic bins cost more than cardboard and once you are through with them, you will need to store them until you need them again, as they don’t break down flat like cardboard boxes do. Also, plastic bins are not as eco-friendly because they’re not as easily biodegradable as cardboard.

We hope you have found this information helpful and that you will consider Montgomery Storage your first stop for your storage needs. We will happily rent you a unit whether you pack your items in paper or plastic.