Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning

Tips for Spring Cleaning by Montgomery Self Storage

It’s almost Spring in the Conroe and Montgomery County, Texas area and whether you are getting your home ready to go on the market or just simply spring cleaning, these tips should help make the process easier.

Remove unnecessary items

Decluttering your home will make it feel larger and also easier to clean. Sort through bulging closets and remove those out-of-season clothes, those outfits that you don’t ever wear as well as the spare sheets and blankets that you aren’t using. Do the same with any holiday decorations, toys and athletic equipment you aren’t currently using that is overtaking your garage and kitchen gadgets that weren’t as useful as advertised.

Sort in three categories: Donate, Sell and Store

We all have items that it’s time to let go. Those should either go in the Donate or Sell piles. If the items are valuable or collectible, do a bit of research to determine the best way to sell them. If they are things that you no longer need but someone else could use, they should be donated.

The items that you want to keep but won’t need in the next few months or only use occasionally, should go in the Store pile. This can include everything from furniture to exercise and athletic equipment to camping gear. Don’t forget Christmas trees and holiday décor. Storing items such as these can make a big difference in freeing up valuable space in your home and garage – yet you can access them when needed.

Why choose Montgomery Self Storage?

You’ve made the decision to recoup space in your home that you can use daily by storing items that you only use occasionally. Now be sure to select the right storage facility that will meet your needs.

When comparing self-storage options, be sure to look for ones who offer state-of-the-art surveillance systems with gate-controlled access and offer a large variety of unit sizes in case you want to store more or downsize in the future.

Visit any of our locations to discuss your specific storage needs with our full-time, professional property managers. Montgomery Self Storage is locally owned and operated and is a self-storage leader in Northwest Houston, Montgomery and Conroe, Texas.