Getting started with Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived in Magnolia, Montgomery, Conroe, and Houston, Texas! While it’s not quite warm enough to break out the skis and floaties and head to Lake Conroe, it is the perfect time to get your house, garage, or storage unit clean and in good order.



The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

If you are looking for a way to feel less stressed, Spring Cleaning may be just the answer! Most people don’t realize that a messy, unorganized home filled with clutter can be overwhelming. A thorough cleaning, basic organization, and the elimination of clutter will increase focus, allow for relaxation, and increase happiness. Who can’t benefit from that?

How to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

All of the experts recommend planning ahead, giving some thought to where to start. Look for a simple, quick project like a guest bath or laundry room, so that you can see the results quickly and will be motivated to move on to the next project. Decluttering each area as you go is helpful, so choose a “gathering spot” for all of the items that will either be donated, sold, or stored. For more information on decluttering and sorting, check out previous blog posts on the topic:

Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning

Where to Recycle Items in Conroe, Montgomery County & Magnolia

Spring Cleaning Helpful Tips

One of the best tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to break big tasks into small chunks as suggested above, by starting with a small room. Work from top to bottom, such as dusting the ceiling and light fixtures first, then the walls, mirrors, and artwork, and then the baseboards. Save sweeping or vacuuming for last to pick up everything that you’ve knocked down. Other suggestions include working room by room and focusing on practical organization. The primary trick to organizing is that everything needs to be just as easy to put back as it is to leave out. It doesn’t have to look like Pinterest – making it easy should come secondary to making it easy.

Spring Cleaning is a great time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, consider adding one to your garage if there isn’t one there. Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to your home – it’s also a great time to give your storage unit a refresh. Below is a link to a previous blog with great suggestions for cleaning your storage unit, including what to bring from home and how to make room for new items.

Spring Clean Your Storage Unit


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