FAQ: Estimating Storage Space for Your Furniture

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How much space do I need for my furniture?

While there’s no “hard-and-fast” rule for allotting a certain amount of storage space for each room of your home, we can recommend some general guidelines to consider.

You have enough furniture for a one-bedroom apartment with a few small appliances.

Recommended space: 5 x 15 feet

You have standard furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, plus a refrigerator, washer/dryer, and boxes. OR, you have furniture from two office suites.

Recommended space: 10 x 10 feet

You’re storing furniture from a two-bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, furniture, kitchen supplies and boxes.

Recommended space: 10 x 15 feet

You’re storing larger pieces of furniture like a sectional from a two-bedroom house, along with electronics, appliances, patio furniture, and boxes.

Recommended space: 10 x 20 feet

You’re storing lots of furniture from a three- or four-bedroom house, including electronics, appliances, dining room set, patio furniture, wardrobe boxes, garage items, and miscellaneous supplies.

Recommended space: 10 x 25 feet

You’re storing furniture from a large home with four to five bedrooms and six to eight rooms of furniture, plus items from you garage and closets. Not only do you need room for your sofa, entertainment center, bedroom furniture, and dining room set, you’ll also need to store appliances and patio furniture — or maybe a boat or vehicle.

Recommended space: 15 x 30 feet

If you’d like to make sure the location you’re considering offers units in the size you need, visit our Storage unit locations page to double-check the sizes available at each of our four locations.

Of course, everyone’s situation is unique. That’s why we have knowledgeable on-site managers on call to help you figure out how much space you need for your particular situation, whether your belongings include a piano or your prized vinyl collection.


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