FAQ: Security

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What security measures should I look for when comparing storage facilities?

Prevention is the key to any secure storage facility. As you’re considering the various offsiteFaq box storage options available to you, be sure that you select a keypadcompany that has measures to ensure the security of your belongings. Below are some considerations to expect from your storage company.

Computer-controlled access. Auto-locking gates are a way to prevent unauthorized access. A computerized keypad entry system is a smart way to control who comes onto the grounds. Look for a strong fencing system around the entire perimeter of the property.

Video surveillance. Not only can this help determine the cause of a problem, it can also deter break-ins. Facilities with 24-hour state-of-the-art video monitoring systems ward off vandals looking for easy pickings.

camerasStrong lighting. It’s easy to slink around shadowy corners and dark aisles. Keeping well-lit grounds not only prevents theft, but it also means you won’t be bumping into anything if you need to visit your unit after hours.

Professional on-site managers. This doesn’t mean your location must be staffed 24/7, but a dedicated property manager with a set full-time schedule goes a long way in establishing peace of mind that comes with consistency.

Staying alert. Make sure to discuss any concerns with your property manager. You need to feel comfortable wherever you choose to store your belongings, and you need to feel confident that your chosen company is vigilant when it comes to security.

Locks. Your facility should encourage locks on all units. It might seem like a no-brainer, but always use a lock on your unit door. Even if you plan to “be right back,” don’t take chances with your valuables. When shopping for a lock, don’t skimp: Expect to pay up to $30 for a good lock. And always replace a damaged or compromised lock as soon as possible.

All of the features listed above are in place at every Montgomery Self Storage location and are included in our pricing. We encourage you to look for the best value when shopping for a storage facility — but don’t make your decision primarily on the basis of lowest price. You might discover that the lower price point also represents lower security.