FAQ: Renter’s Insurance

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Do I need renter’s insurance for the property I have in storage?

Your need for coverage depends on the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance you already have. But the short answer is, YES! You do need to make sure your belongings are insured.

In fact, we require insurance coverage for your protection.

The good news is that most standard homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies cover personal property, even if it isn’t in your home. That should include the items in your storage unit.

However, the property coverage for items inside and outside of your home is not necessarily equal. Depending on your policy, your stored items could have as little as 10 percent of the coverage of the belongings in your house. That’s a huge discrepancy! So if you’re putting items in storage, one of your first steps should be to ask your insurance agent how much coverage your policy provides for stored items.

Another thing to consider is if your storage unit will house any specialty items.

Are you storing a vehicle? Whether it’s a GTO or an ATV or an RV your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance probably doesn’t cover it. In those cases, you’ll need a separate policy.

Are you storing valuable collections? Antiques or fine art or other unique collectibles probably make it worth your while to buy a separate policy to make sure you have enough coverage for them.

To help our customers, we offer affordable insurance if your policy does not cover, or adequately cover, the belongings they’re storing with us. This convenient option can be included in your monthly payments.

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