Do I Need Climate Controlled Self-Storage?

Choosing the right type of self-storage unit really depends on what is being stored and how it would do with the climate extremes like the recent freezing weather we experienced in Texas. A good rule of thumb is if it could safely be stored in your garage during extreme temperatures–hot or cold–it is a good candidate for a non climate-controlled unit. Traditional non climate-controlled self-storage is often the right solution for items such as sports and camping gear, lawn equipment, certain types of household items, patio furniture, tools, etc.

If it’s something that should not be stored in a garage or shed – such as antique, wood or upholstered furniture, important documents, musical instruments, books, magazines, electronics, priceless heirlooms, mattresses and bedding or anything that could be affected by extreme temperatures and moisture – you should definitely consider climate-controlled storage.


Climate-controlled storage helps maintain consistent humidity levels.

In our area, humidity is the biggest challenge. The benefits of climate-controlled storage include helping keep cloth and paper from yellowing, preventing rust from forming on metals and minimizing dirt and dust in your storage unit. It’s as if your items were still in your air-conditioned home. Anyone storing expensive or irreplaceable items – especially if they hold sentimental or historical value – should strongly consider going with climate-controlled self-storage.


Is the additional cost worth the increased protection?

While climate-controlled storage does cost a bit more, the extra expense is generally worth the peace of mind – especially for those irreplaceable items. The additional cost is not drastic and at the end of the day, it costs less to store your valuable belongings in a climate-controlled unit than it will cost to replace them. Assuming they are even replaceable.

Visit and compare both types of units.
Montgomery Self Storage offers both options at four of our locations. Stop by and let one our knowledgeable, on-site manager show you the property and both types of units at:

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