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Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning

Tips for Spring Cleaning by Montgomery Self Storage

It’s almost Spring in the Conroe and Montgomery County, Texas area and whether you are getting your home ready to go on the market or just simply spring cleaning, these tips should help make the process easier. Remove unnecessary items Decluttering your home will make it feel larger and also easier to clean. Sort through […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - March 3, 2020
Tips for Spring Cleaning by Montgomery Self Storage

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How to Select the Right Type of Storage Container

Before you begin packing for storage, put some thought behind whether you should pack your items in cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Believe it not, there is a rhyme and reason and a pro and con for each option. Cardboard Boxes PROS:  Cardboard boxes are less expensive than plastic totes. It’s recommended to buy new […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - November 18, 2019

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Is Your Garage Working For You?

When you return home at the end of the day, do you park your car inside a neat and orderly garage or do you arrive to a sea of chaos?  Even worse, are you parking your car in the driveway or on the street because your garage is full of items that you only use […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - September 28, 2019

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Declare Your Independence From Clutter

Every Fourth of July we celebrate our nation’s history and take a moment to appreciate living in the land of the free. Thankfully our forefathers chose to not accept taxation without representation. They determined that the status quo was no longer acceptable and took the necessary steps needed for change. We can apply this same […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - July 3, 2019

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Merging Two Households Into One

Spring and early summer are very popular for weddings. Once the festivities are over, the task of combining two households can become overwhelming. Especially when you factor in all of the new wedding gifts. Whether you are young newlyweds or a mature couple taking the plunge, here are some tips that may help with the […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - June 14, 2019

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Spring Clean Your Storage Unit

Spring is upon us! The days are longer, giving us more time for those special projects, like Spring Cleaning. At Montgomery Self Storage, our on-site managers make it a priority to keep the exterior of our buildings and the grounds as clean and neat as possible. Our customers are responsible for the inside of their […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - March 15, 2019

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ORGANIZED LIVING: Creative Ways to Recycle Your Old Stuff

Got a creative bent? Here are some ideas for you DIYers out there—and even those of you who aren’t particularly crafty—for breathing new life into your old stuff in storage. Look around any long-term storage unit (including your own), and you’re bound to notice a few well-loved items that bring back some nice memories. So […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - February 8, 2019

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ORGANIZED LIVING: Do’s and Don’ts For Storing Your Old Photos

When Allstate asked 1,000 adults which possessions they valued most a couple of years ago, more than half of the survey respondents chose personal mementos—including photographs, home videos, and scrapbooks. In fact, personal memorabilia ranked second on the survey’s list of possible answers, behind homes. Clearly, many of us think of our personal photos as […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - January 22, 2019

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ORGANIZED LIVING: Make Life-Changing Goals

January is “Get Organized” month, and organization is one of the top 3 resolutions that people set for themselves. The beginning of the new year is a perfect time to start simplifying your life while it’s cold and dreary outside. By March, when spring cleaning starts, you’ll be ahead of the game and a pro! […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - January 17, 2019

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Kim Miller, storage planning expert and owner of Kim’s Organizing Solutions, offers tips to help you plan out and organize your storage unit. Her “storage hack” for today is an simple idea that can easily get overlooked in your mad rush to fill your unit: Don’t just use floor space, but maximize the height of […]

by Montgomery Self Storage - November 27, 2018