Best Way to Store Furniture in Montgomery County, Texas

One of the most stored items is furniture. There are a variety of reasons why, including moving or saving it for a future new home, downsizing but keeping it for family members, or just simply not having the space for something you aren’t ready to let go. No matter the reason, self storage is certainly a great solution as long as you take certain steps to protect your furniture.


What kind of storage is best for furniture?

Most indoor furniture will do best in the same environment – indoors. That makes climate controlled units the best choice for wood or upholstered furniture items and truly the only way to protect them from our area’s humidity and moisture. Patio furniture, children’s plastic play furniture and toys, garden equipment or other items meant to be outdoors, will be fine in non-climate controlled storage. More information to help you decide which kind of storage is best for you can be found here.

How to prepare furniture for storage

Before putting your furniture in storage, it’s important to make sure it is as clean as possible, reducing the chance of mold or dust moving into the storage unit with the furniture. Mild soap and water or specialty wood cleaners will help get your wood furniture clean. Click here for suggestions from Real Simple. Upholstered items should be vacuumed thoroughly, including all seat cushions, and if needed, treat spots with upholstery cleaner and allow to dry before taking the item to storage. Any metal pieces such as lamps or drawer pulls should be polished and a metal cleaner can be used to avoid tarnishing. Click here for additional helpful tips.

After everything is clean and dry, be sure to cover it for the move to storage. Options include old sheets and blankets, drop clothes, or wrapping them with plastic wrap or bubble wrap. Just be sure not to wrap it too tight – especially in our humid climate – as it can seal in moisture. Always add extra protection for any glass items such as tabletops, mirrors, or framed artwork, and never lay them flat as explained in this article.

How to prepare your storage unit for the furniture

Put some thought into the smartest way to place items in your unit before you begin. Check out these insightful tips. The smartest thing you can do is not to put your furniture directly on the floor. Options include wooden pallets, bricks, or cinder blocks, or at the very least, heavy plastic sheeting. If your unit contains heavy-duty plastic storage boxes with lids, they can work too. Be sure to not cram valuable pieces too tightly together, but chairs can easily stack cushion to cushion as shown in this helpful video.

Montgomery Self Storage is here when you need us.

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