10 Reasons To Use Self Storage

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At Montgomery Self Storage we have seen a wide variety of uses for storage units over the years. Here are the 10 most common reasons:

1. Ran out of space at home.
Whether it’s combining two households, having an elderly parent moving in or an adult child coming back home or just simply having too much stuff, the primary reason people rent storage units is that they’ve run out of space. Self-storage can be a great solution and is certainly more cost effective than buying a larger home.

2. Moving or selling a house
From de-cluttering to put your home on the market to temporarily storing everything after closing and before your new home is ready, the process of buying and selling homes can create many problems that self-storage can help solve.

3. Remodeling/renovating
Once your home becomes a construction zone, the chances for damage or theft dramatically increases. To reduce some of the worries and make room for the upcoming work, many people confidently place their things in storage until the project is complete.

4. Changes to family dynamic
Ranging from creating room for a new baby on the way to absorbing inherited items after the loss of a loved one, almost any change to the family dynamic can create a need to store items.

5. Workshop and tool storage
Whether it’s a hobby or an occupation, you need a dedicated space to work where you can be confident that your tools are secure and your work won’t be disturbed. Self-storage can be just the answer.

6. Business inventory and archives storage
Why pay high rent for an on-site backroom for inventory or extra office space just for archives when you can get what you need when you need from a storage unit it at a fraction of the price?

7. College students on the move
From just being home for the summer, planning a semester abroad or having an out-of-town internship, college students do not stay in one place very long. In today’s pandemic situation, it may be unclear what their next move is. A storage unit would likely be helpful in any of these situations – even the unknown.

8. Downsizing
If you are an empty nester, recently widowed or divorced or just looking to simply cut expenses with a smaller home or apartment, self-storage can be the answer. It gives you the opportunity to take your time and sort through what will fit in your new space and determine what you can’t live without.

9. Working away from home
In the military and in business, transfers happen. If it’s a temporary assignment or if you plan to return to this area, storage is the easy answer. Don’t pay to move everything both ways. Just store the items you won’t need during the assignment and they will safely be waiting for you when you return.

10. Seasonal items
From ski equipment to holiday decorations, there are a few things you only need once or twice a year. Give them an off-season home in a storage unit. It’s easier than giving up your garage space and safer than putting them in attic.


We have sizes for every reason.

From small, affordable 5’ x 5’ units to full size 10’ x 40’s and even larger, Montgomery Self Storage is just the place when you need more space. Let one of our knowledgeable, professional property managers assist you in determining the right size space for your needs.

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